Factional Speaker of Nasarawa Assembly Alleges Police Commissioner’s Involvement in Escalating Crisis

Factional Speaker of Nasarawa Assembly Alleges Police Commissioner’s Involvement in Escalating Crisis

Daniel Ogazi, the factional Speaker of the Nasarawa State House of Assembly, has made a serious accusation against Commissioner of Police, Maiyaki Baba, claiming that he is exacerbating the ongoing crisis within the state Assembly.

This accusation comes in response to the recent closure of the Assembly complex on the directive of Commissioner of Police, Maiyaki Mohammed-Baba, who consulted with other security agencies in the state to prevent a breakdown of law and order.

Ogazi, speaking at the entrance of the Assembly complex, called for urgent intervention from the Inspector General of Police and requested that the CP be reined in to ensure peace in the state. According to Ogazi, his faction, consisting of 13 members, was denied access to the complex, while the opposing faction of 10 members was granted entry and provided protection by the police. This unequal treatment has raised concerns about the role of the police in the ongoing crisis.

He said: “The CP is taking side and encouraging illegality in the state by providing cover and protection for the 10 factional members to seat and carry out illegal proceedings in the House.

“How can the commissioner of police, who ordered the closure of the Assembly complex turned round and allowed the minority 10-member factional group access into the Assembly complex?

“We the majority were at the Assembly gate and we were denied entrance into our legitimate hallowed chamber of the Assembly.”

The Assembly Faces Protests

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Yesterday, the Nasarawa State Assembly was met with a wave of protests as aggrieved women, youths, and other demonstrators barricaded the entrance to the Assembly. Their grievances centered around what they perceived as interference by Governor Abdullahi Sule in the selection of the new speaker for the 7th Assembly.

Undeterred by the heavy police presence at the Assembly complex, the protesters proceeded to sing songs and offer prayers, appealing to God for intervention in what they viewed as an ongoing injustice in the state.

Speaking on behalf of the group, Mr. James Alu, the spokesperson, highlighted that the Coalition for Justice, consisting of over 20 groups representing people from diverse tribes in the state, advocates for justice, peace, and fairness for all, regardless of tribe, religion, or affiliation.

Alu emphasized that their presence in the state was aimed at ensuring that justice prevails and that peace can be established.

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Governor Sule Aims to Resolve Crisis through Factional Speakers

In response to the ongoing crisis within the Nasarawa State Assembly, Governor Abdullahi Sule revealed that he held a meeting with the factional speakers in an effort to find a resolution to the leadership conflict.

During an interview on the breakfast programme “Sunrise Daily” on Channels Television, the governor expressed his commitment to establishing a truce between the two factions. He emphasized that the two individuals contending for the speakership position were friends, implying that a resolution could be reached through dialogue.

Governor Sule’s proactive approach demonstrates his dedication to restoring peace and harmony within the Assembly, fostering an environment where cooperation and effective governance can thrive.

He said: “We tried everything possible to see how we can resolve the matter between them. I have met with them many times prior to the day of the inauguration.

“Unfortunately, everybody stood his ground. As the responsibility on my part, I had to send the clerk to go ahead and inaugurate the House and then bring a speaker.”


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