EPL: Guardiola Hails World’s Best Midfielder

EPL: Guardiola Hails World's Best Midfielder

Manchester City’s manager, Pep Guardiola, has declared Rodri as the current best midfielder globally, praising the 27-year-old’s versatile abilities.

Guardiola expressed his amazement at how crucial Rodri has been for Manchester City, emphasizing the difficulty of achieving the team’s recent successes without him. The declaration follows Rodri’s goal in Manchester City’s 1-1 draw against Chelsea in the Premier League over the weekend.

Guardiola, quoted on Man City’s website, credited the forwards for goal-scoring and assists but highlighted Rodri’s consistent ability to score crucial goals. He hailed Rodri as an extraordinary player and emphasized that, in his opinion, Rodri is currently the best midfield player globally due to his all-encompassing skill set.

The Manchester City manager expressed gratitude for Rodri’s contribution, especially considering the pivotal moments where he delivers goals. Guardiola concluded by acknowledging Rodri as an exceptional signing, acknowledging the challenge of comprehending Manchester City’s achievements in recent years without the influential midfielder.

Rodri, originally from Atletico Madrid, joined Manchester City in 2019.

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