Elon Musk Declares Free Premium and Premium+ Subscription for X

Elon Musk Declares Free Premium and Premium+ Subscription for X

Elon Musk, the CEO of X (previously known as Twitter), has revealed that accounts with 2500 verified subscriber followers will receive Premium features at no cost.

Additionally, accounts with over 5000 followers will enjoy the benefits of Premium+ for free. Musk shared this news through a post on his X handle on Thursday.

This decision aims to enhance the user experience on the platform while providing added value to account owners. The X Premium subscription offers various features, including reduced ads, the ability to apply for revenue sharing, and more. On the other hand, the X Premium+ subscription provides additional benefits such as an ad-free experience and reply prioritisation.

Notably, Musk also confirmed on Wednesday that the Grok AI chatbot, previously exclusive to X Premium+ users, will soon become accessible to all Premium users. This move demonstrates Musk’s commitment to expanding access to innovative features and services.

By introducing nominal subscription fees, the billionaire entrepreneur aims to strengthen X’s revenue and ensure its continued growth. These efforts reflect his dedication to evolving the social media giant and creating a sustainable business model.

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