De Paul reveals promise Messi made to him ahead of World Cup

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De Paul reveals promise Messi made to him ahead of World Cup

Argentine midfielder Rodrigo De Paul has opened up about a promise made to him by team captain Lionel Messi ahead of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. In an interview with El Universal, De Paul revealed that Messi promised to take the team to the semifinals, and urged him not to risk his health during the tournament.

De Paul played a crucial role in Argentina’s midfield during the World Cup, and helped the team secure a win over France in the final after the match ended in a 2-2 draw after extra time. The Atletico Madrid star was a doubt for the semifinals against Croatia due to an injury, but he decided to play anyway.

De Paul spoke about his injury, saying, “I was injured two days before the game. I felt something behind me and I had hurt myself. It was a strain, like a grade 1. It happened on the last play of training. I had never injured or broken any muscle before. When the play was over, the coach came up to me and asked me what happened.”

He added, “Messi told me, ‘Rodri, don’t play stupid. I promise I’ll take you to the semifinals. Don’t risk it, you will most likely be left out.'”

De Paul’s reveal highlights the strong bond and leadership that Messi brought to the team during the World Cup. Despite the injury, De Paul decided to play and helped lead Argentina to a historic win. The promise made by Messi and De Paul’s decision to play despite the injury demonstrate the team’s commitment to bringing the World Cup trophy back to Argentina.

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