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Sorry I'm Deaf EP by Damo K

Damo K – Sorry I’m Deaf EP

Damo K, an emerging artist in the Nigerian music scene, has made a significant statement with the release of his EP titled “Sorry I’m Deaf.” This collection of tracks showcases Damo K’s unique approach to music and his ability to convey powerful messages through his art.

The “Sorry I’m Deaf” EP is a reflection of Damo K’s artistic depth and his commitment to creating music that resonates with a wide range of listeners. Each track in the EP explores different themes, united by his distinctive style and the overarching concept of the EP. The title itself is intriguing and suggests a deeper exploration of personal and societal themes.

Throughout the EP, Damo K demonstrates a mastery of various musical elements, blending genres and influences to create a sound that is both innovative and familiar. His lyrics are thoughtful and impactful, often delving into introspective and emotive territories. This lyrical depth, combined with the engaging rhythms and melodies, makes the EP a compelling listen.

The production quality of “Sorry I’m Deaf” is noteworthy. Each track is carefully crafted, with attention to detail in sound design and mixing. The production team has worked to ensure that Damo K’s vision for each song is fully realized, resulting in an EP that is not only cohesive but also varied in its musical offerings.

In summary, Damo K’s “Sorry I’m Deaf” EP is a significant contribution to the Nigerian music industry. It stands as a testament to his talent as a musician and a storyteller. This EP is sure to capture the attention of those who appreciate music that combines innovative soundscapes with meaningful lyrics, marking Damo K as an artist to watch in the coming years.

Track List

  1. Damo K – Oghenedo ft JeriQ
  2. Damo K – Time (Remix) ft. Bella Shmurda
  3. Damo K ft. Mohbad – Nibo
  4. Damo K – When
  5. Damo K – Pursue
  6. Damo K – Pass Your Power
  7. Damo K – Squad

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