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Bandits Take Control of Two Trucks Carrying Smuggled Goods in Nigeria

Bandits Take Control of Two Trucks Carrying Smuggled Goods in Nigeria

The Kaduna Area Commander of the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS), Dalha Wada Chedi, has revealed that bandits have seized two fully loaded trucks containing smuggled goods. The incident took place in a dense forest as the trucks were being transported into Nigeria.

According to Chedi, the criminals took advantage of the smugglers’ decision to transport the illicit merchandise through the forest near the Batsari region in Katsina State a few days ago.

During a press conference held recently, Chedi, from the Federal Operations Unit (FOU), Zone B in Kaduna, stated that smugglers have been using dangerous routes monitored by bandits to bring items illegally into the country.

“We received the news less than 24 hours ago that bandits have seized two trucks loaded with smuggled items inside the forest. We also learned that a J5 vehicle was also captured by the bandits in that area,” he said.

The comptroller emphasized that Nigeria’s borders were highly vulnerable, posing a challenge for customs surveillance, especially in areas where bandits were present.

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