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[Album] Mrs. Temitope Oladimeji – Ife Lo To Yii

Ife Lo To Yii is the first album of Mrs. Temitope Oluwatoyin Modupe Oladimeji (Tomlad).

She dedicated this album to her aunt Mrs. Phebean Ohuntola Adeniyi of blessed memory whom longed and love that she wax a record during her lifetime but it’s quite unfortunate she’s no more.

A song to appreciate God’s love over her life and family for half a century.



  1. Mrs Temitope Oladimeji is well known to me. We have sang together in many Choir groups.She is a very good alto singer. Now that she has gone solo, I can only wish her the best and give her every encouragement she needs to excel. God bless.

  2. Thanks very much my Rev Can.
    I wish there’s full parts harmony soon. Looking forward to seeing you . I appreciate

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