Actress Carol King Sounds the Alarm After Her Maid Absconds with $700 and €40

Actress Carol King Sounds the Alarm After Her Maid Absconds with $700 and €40

Veteran actress Carol King has taken to social media to expose her maid, Glory Effiong, who she claims has absconded with a significant sum of money.

In an Instagram post, King shared photos of the maid and narrated the incident wherein Effiong allegedly disappeared with $700 and €40. The actress revealed that the maid had been working for her for five months and had left for her scheduled day off on Friday but failed to return as expected.

Initially worried that something untoward might have occurred, King attempted to contact Effiong but received no response to her calls. Fearing the worst, she reached out to the agent who had recommended the maid in order to inform him of the situation.

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In addition, King shared that she had a disturbing dream prior to the maid’s disappearance, which heightened her suspicion that something was amiss. Trusting her instincts, she searched her house for any missing items and discovered that the maid had stolen $700 and €40 from her purse.

Seeking public attention, the actress issued a warning to others, urging them to exercise caution to prevent becoming victims of similar theft.

This is Glory Effiong. She has been my maid for five months. She left for her off last Friday. When she didn’t return today as she was supposed to, I got worried thinking she had a mishap so I called her phone but she didn’t pick up my calls. I duly placed a call to the agent who brought her to let him know she was AWOL.
I suddenly remembered that I had a bad dream about her which I shared with my husband which sparked my suspicion so I went to her room to discover that she had taken all her things.
Looking around for what she could have made off with, I discovered that she had silence 700 dollars and 40 Euros from my purse.
Please take note of her face so you don’t fall victim to her thievery”.

Actress Carol King Sounds the Alarm After Her Maid Absconds with $700 and €40

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