Here is an interview/conversation between JANET (aspiring for NASS002) and the CEO of I think it’s time we know who we’re gonna vote for! Read conversation below; 

#​vistanaij: Hi gud morning. Here is an interview from the CEO of AAUA chapter. You’re going for nass vice president. With view of things and based on logistic, pls what re the morals you’re trying to impart as NASS as a whole is concerned and what re your policies towards the betterment of the so-called faculty? 
JANET: My mission is to bring a rejuvenation and redefinition to the office of the vp by seeing to the academic affairs of the nassites, supporting the president and other union members in policies and decision making.. The growth of the Faculty of science is our major priority so working hand in hand with other union members and having a period of reasoning together via intellectual engagements to discuss issues that will bring about growth and development to the association  in the Faculty, this is for the betterment of our noble Faculty.. 

#vistanaij: Okay. What do you think you can do to get more votes than your opponents?
#vistanaij: As election is fast approaching?
JANET: Concerning this,  I and my campaign team are working on it,  carrying out survey even if not up to 100% by making online awareness, going for one on one campaigns to students in the Faculty of science both within and outside the campus, pasting campaign posters, spontaneous awareness for students in their lecture theatres..

#Vistanaij: Ok. How do u think you’re more capable to handle every situation on ground, as NASS is concerned when u get there?
JANET: There’s a yoruba adage that says ‘owo kan ko gberu sori’ meaning ‘a single hand cannot comfortable lift a load on the head’.. Like I said before, I can’t do it alone, but work hand in hand with other union members as far as Faculty of science is concerned to handle every situations on ground.
#Vistanaij:Okay. Thank you for taking your time. God bless. 
JANET: You’re mostly welcome. 
You’ve all heard the conversation between Vistanaij and Miss Janet (aspiring for NASS002). I think it’s now clear to us…Everything she has said. It’s now the right time for us to vote for the right person. 

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