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14 Interview Mistakes You Should Avoid, Especially, Number 4

14 Interview Mistakes You Should Avoid, Especially, Number 4

Your level of preparation for the job interview will determine the height performance. Good preparation engender good performance.
You will definitely be the hottest candidate all the interviewer would want to give arm to have. This article is going to assist you raise your game, skyrocket you and make you number 1.
What is interview?
The term interview can be seen as an under-rated executive meeting between a recruiter and job seekers to determine if the job seeker is right or qualify for the job.
A good number of people get so tensed before or during an interview, this is not really good as tension can jeopardize your chance of being successful and by extension monumental mistakes could be made that can cause you to loose out on a job.
Employers of all sorts now need people who have characteristics and potential that can not be represented mare job skills.
Employers need people with more important and meaningful qualities. Like creativity, humanity, determination, self_reliance, unshakable dependability, passion, compassion, curiosity, belief, integrity, vision, innovation, ethnically, commitment to efficiency and awareness of the wider world.
Bellow are the interview mistakes you should try to avoid in order to be number 1 in the job interview.
1) Confusing an interview with an interrogation. No matter how unfriendly the interviewer may seem, he does not want to be seen as an interrogator, he would rather be seen as a friend.
2) Failure To Ask Question. This simply indicates gross unseriousness and lack of interest in the job.
3) Researching the company but not yourself.
4) leaving your cell phone on
5) Not sending a thank you note
6) Grammatical blunder. Always use words and tense you are conversant with.
7) Failure to listen to question.
8) Answering questions that was not ask.
9) Beating around the bush or rigma-rolling when answering questions by not going straight to the point.
10) Criticizing former colleagues or boss.
11) Providing over-bloated and unnecessary information.
12) Bringing personal and domestic matters into conversation when not told to do so.
13) Telling stories about why you changed job.
14) Having unnecessary tension why answering question.
I believe, if the above listed errors are nicely and properly implemented, you will record success for your job interview.
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