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Why Are My Ears Making Noises? See Why And Possible Treatment

Why Are My Ears Making Noises? See Why And Possible Treatment
Why Are My Ears Making Noises? See Why And Possible Treatment

Wondering why your ears are making noises? Or may be you have not been sleeping well due to this? You have been looking for solutions here and there still no solution… It’s about time you studied what that condition may be.

Couple of things might be attached to it but the most common is the tinnitus or hearing loss.

Tinnitus can make you hear sounds coming from nowhere but inside your ears. Tinnitus can be in form of ringing, buzzing, hissing, clicking and even whistling in your ears. Don’t panic, it’s not something serious. Unless it is affecting your daily activities.

Have you ever wonder why those noises are stay in your ears?

Tinnitus can be caused by many reasons, it may be because of an underlying conditions such as old age, head and neck injury or even ear infection.

Tinnitus differs from each other, like the way it happens to you may be different from other people. Some people find it difficult to sleep, some find it difficult to concentrate at work, poor academics performance, anxiety, some find it difficult to maintain balance, it causes depression in some people.

Meanwhile no cure has been found to cure tinnitus, though in some people, it is not permanent, that is, it leaves on its own. If you have been experiencing tinnitus for long period now there are ways in which you can cope.

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Causes of Tinnitus

Most common causes of tinnitus can be due to damage in the choclea of the inner ear

This tends to happen as people age, and it can also result from prolonged exposure to excessively loud noise. Hearing loss may coincide with tinnitus.

Some medications like aspirin, ibuprofen, certain antibiotics, and diuretics can be “ototoxic.” They cause damage to the inner ear, resulting in tinnitus.

Some other causes can be head and neck injury, ear infections, diabetes, traumatic brain injury, cardiovascular diseases, stiffening of the middle ear bone, middle ear condition, earwax, or foreign objects inside the ear…

Foreign objects and earwax causing tinnitus can be flushed out in the hospital.

This should be noted that tinnitus making sounds like that of heartbeat can be dangerous, may be caused by abnormal ear growth like tumor or when the artery and vein is not having good connection.

You need to take immediate action by visiting a doctor.


Tinnitus is a non-auditory, internal sound that can be intermittent or continuous, in one or both ears, and either low- or high-pitched.

The varying sounds have been described as whistling, chirping, clicking, screeching, hissing, static, roaring, buzzing, pulsing, whooshing, or musical.

The volume of the sound can fluctuate. It is often most noticeable at night or during periods of quiet. There may be some hearing loss.

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As aforementioned, tinnitus can be caused due to underlying conditions, if you notice that tinnitus started the moment you get sick, make sure you get yourself treated…

  • Discontinue any ototoxic medications
  • Visit your doctor for infection checkup and get treated

As mentioned earlier, there is no cure for tinnitus but there are ways in which you can live without them interfering with your daily activities. Whenever you are hearing those noises, try to ignore but if you still can’t cope, follow the home remedies.

Things That Can Be Done

  • Sound Therapy:

This is done by using external noises to mask the one you’re hearing inside. There are lots of apps on playstore to mask sounds tinnitus are making, yeah, I use them too and they are working for me. Use of hearing aids.

How To Live A Healthy Lifestyle With Tinnitus

Don’t expose yourself to loud noises. Make use of earplugs, ear mufflers in noisy environments. Play listening devices at moderate volume so it won’t worsen the situation.

Exercise, healthy eating, good sleeping habits, avoiding smoking and excessive alcohol, recreational and social activities, and stress management and relaxation techniques can all help achieve optimum wellness.


Though I did not mention from the beginning that I’m also experiencing this, at first it was very hard for me to cope but now I’m fine, though the noises are still there but I sleep fine, I can read and I’m also expecting you to follow these article for healthy lifestyle. 

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