What to do after creating a wordpress website

What to do after creating a wordpress website

What to do after creating a wordpress website.

In the previous article we created a wordpress site πŸ™‚ How do you see it? Cool right?

Now we will be discussing on what to do next after creating a wordpress site.

Now that are logged in to your wp-admin dashboard, you just have to be attentive and go through this article.

Toggle through the dashboard now, you will see lots of things there like the dashboard, posts, add new posts, pages, settings and so on.

Things you need to know when you are inside the wordpress admin dashboard

How to install a wordpress plugin - the easy way

Installation of plugins and theme.

What is a theme?

A theme is like a template bringing out the beauty of your site, how your site looks to people, theme is responsible for that. The layout of your site.

What is a Plugin?

A plugin is used to extend the functionalities of wordpress itself. For example, you want to create an e-commerce website, you need woocommerce plugin to do that, you want to edit your file manager and you don’t want to login to the cpanel, you have to install a file manager plugin to edit your files directly from the wp-admin dashboard.

Installing the theme of your choice

For example, we are creating a news blog now, you need to add new theme from the wordpress theme directory.

Installing plugins, you need to add new plugins from the wordpress directory or install a premium plugin from your phone.

Refer to this article on how to install a wordpress theme

Refer to this article on how to install a wordpress plugin

Things to do after installing theme

NB: Your site should be mobile-friendly.

Set up your permalink

That should be found in settings > permalinks > set it to post-name and save

Optimize your site

Optimizing your site, there are various plugins you need to get in order to make your site faster.

  1. Wp rocket
  2. Autoptimize
  3. W3 total cache
  4. Wp optimize

And so on. NB: They are not arranged based on their functionalities but choosing any of this, your site’s speed will increase.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO costs a lot but you can do basic SEO for your site by installing certain plugins like;

  1. All in One SEO Plugin
  2. Jetpack
  3. Yoast SEO Plugin
  4. Rankmath

And so on. Just use one of this and your site’s SEO will come alive. Though SEO does not end there.


Google changes their way every day, which is why I will include this schema structured data, in order for your posts to appear on google, install a schema plugin and you are good to go.

We have Structured data for wp, Schema, Schema Pro and so on.

Google Search Console (Formerly Google Webmaster)

Search for it on google and sign up for it. It will prompt you to provide your site’s url, use the second option by url not by domain property.

Provide your url and you will see like 4 options asking you to verify your site, use the html own, copy the provided code and paste in your site’s header between the <head></head> tags. As a beginner you might scatter your site, install header and footer script inserter plugin, then go to settings, you will see the header and footer script inserter, click on it and paste the copied code in the header input box then save. Go back to the google search console and verify. Then you are good to go.

Follow full article on how to create google search console.


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