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US Court Case: PDP Calls on APC to Be Transparent About Tinubu’s Educational Records

US Court Case: PDP Calls on APC to Be Transparent About Tinubu's Educational Records

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has called upon the All Progressives Congress (APC) to be transparent regarding efforts by its lawyers in the United States to withhold specific crucial information about President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s academic records at Chicago State University (CSU) from the public.

The PDP has pointed out that the legal applications seeking to prevent the release of Tinubu’s academic details are at odds with his public claims of possessing impeccable academic records.

The opposition party recalled that President Tinubu had openly stated during a public event that, “I was one of those most recruited graduates of my university, multiple honours, First Class Degree and I have the reference point.”

In light of this assertion, the PDP believes that the lawyers’ plea to keep the details of his academic record confidential is a disservice to President Tinubu and Nigeria as a whole.

Furthermore, the PDP noted that the attempt to hide vital information is in line with the APC’s history of deceit and clandestine dealings, especially during the leadership of Abdullahi Ganduje.

By appointing Ganduje as its National Chairman, despite corruption and bribery allegations against him, the APC has shown itself to be a hub of corruption and a party that condones dishonesty, according to the PDP.

The PDP also expressed concern over the APC’s silence regarding allegations of sabotage in the fire outbreak at the Supreme Court on September 25, 2023, which is suspected to have been an arsonist attack aimed at disrupting the handling of Presidential Election appeals.

The PDP emphasized that the APC has a moral obligation to be transparent with Nigerians and the world. Failure to fulfill this duty is unacceptable.

The PDP called on all individuals of goodwill in Nigeria and beyond to defend democracy, transparency, and the rule of law in the country, particularly during these critical times.

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