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UNIOSUN, State Government, and Group Engage in Verbal Exchange Over Fee Increase

UNIOSUN, State Government, and Group Engage in Verbal Exchange Over Fee Increase

The management of Osun State University, UNIOSUN, has refuted claims of tuition fee increases for the upcoming academic session, stating that the recent adjustments only pertain to ancillary charges, not tuition fees.

The University’s Public Relations Officer, Ademola Adesoji, clarified that the institution remains committed to providing quality education while ensuring transparency in its communication with the public.

In response, The Osun Masterminds (TOM), during its November state of the state address, expressed opposition to the alleged reduction in funding to UNIOSUN. TOM emphasized that a decrease in subvention would force the university to increase its revenue, potentially leading to higher school fees. The group also highlighted the additional financial burden this would place on parents already impacted by the country’s economic challenges.

However, the Osun State Government, through spokesperson Olawale Rasheed, dismissed TOM’s allegations and defended its support for UNIOSUN. The government questioned TOM’s focus on overhead financing adjustments, emphasizing that they were compensated for by significant capital funding provided to the university. The government urged TOM to acknowledge the completion of numerous abandoned projects initiated by the current administration.

The exchange of statements reflects the ongoing disagreement between UNIOSUN, the state government, and TOM regarding fee adjustments and funding support for the university.

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