Tolani Baj – ”I bring nothing but a specific body part to the table”

Tolani Baj - ”I bring nothing but a specific body part to the table”

During a recent discussion with Moet Abebe, Tolani Baj addressed the controversial topic of what women bring to relationships. Both women expressed their dislike for the question, but Tolani Baj took a bold stance, stating that she only offers her female anatomy.

She went on to explain the positive traits associated with her female anatomy, highlighting it as her main asset in any relationship.

Reflecting on a previous podcast episode featuring Moet Abebe and Tolani Baj, the pair shared intriguing insights into their dating preferences and experiences.

Moet Abebe expressed hesitance in dating someone from a different geographical area, while Tolani Baj displayed a more open-minded approach, indicating her willingness to date someone from a different region under certain conditions.

Tolani Baj showcased her flexibility, provided the person was financially supportive and willing to commute between different areas for her.

However, Moet Abebe faced criticism after revealing her involvement in multiple relationships. Online users doubted the authenticity of her claims, accusing her of fabricating stories and trying to appear more desirable on camera. The backlash on social media intensified, with critics asserting that she was perpetually single.

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