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Tinubu Vows to Empower Nigerians in the Fight Against Poverty, Criminality, and Terrorism

Tinubu Vows to Empower Nigerians in the Fight Against Poverty, Criminality, and Terrorism

President Bola Tinubu has reaffirmed his administration’s determination to eradicate poverty, terrorism, and all forms of criminality in Nigeria.

The government is currently implementing various programs and policies aimed at empowering Nigerians to combat these challenges.

Speaking at the passing-out parade of cadets at the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) in Kaduna, Vice President Kashim Shettima, representing Tinubu, delivered the President’s address titled “The Heroes of Nigeria’s Path to Prosperity and Security.” Shettima emphasized the urgent need to address the economic and social disintegration plaguing the nation.

Tinubu’s administration favors cooperation and alliances to create opportunities for the people. The government is focused on implementing programs and policies that empower citizens to tackle poverty, criminality, and terrorism. Efforts are being made to prepare for potential food security crises, respond to banditry attacks, address natural disasters, and mitigate the impact of military coups, all in the interest of enhancing national security.

To effectively deal with criminal elements, Tinubu’s government has embarked on a new era of national defense and security strategy. The President has directed all heads of defense and security institutions to unite in protecting the nation’s integrity and well-being. As the Chairman of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), Tinubu is actively working to enhance regional conflict management and development mechanisms, aiming for peace, stability, and progress across West Africa and beyond.

Tinubu emphasized the importance of justice in fostering prosperity and assured that each region would be treated equally and given a sense of belonging in his government. Whether addressing secessionist elements, counter-insurgency efforts, normalizing situations in various regions, or resolving farmer-herder conflicts, every group will receive fair treatment and representation.

The government is committed to bolstering the economy and implementing measures to alleviate hardships caused by the removal of fuel subsidies and exchange rate unification. Actions such as reducing taxes on strategic manufacturing industries, distributing grains to vulnerable populations, providing agricultural support, and extending soft loans to small and medium-scale industries reflect the government’s dedication to supporting its citizens and fostering economic growth.

President Tinubu expressed pride in the devotion and dignity displayed by the NDA and its alumni in safeguarding Nigeria. The passing-out parade symbolized the enduring commitment to patriotism and investment in human capital, marking the graduands’ transition to a more active phase of duty to their fatherland.

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