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Tinubu Urges Prompt Action on Citizens’ Welfare to Avoid Aggravating Issues

Tinubu Urges Prompt Action on Citizens' Welfare to Avoid Aggravating Issues

President Bola Tinubu has instructed that policies impacting the welfare of Nigerians and the economy be handled promptly, diligently, and with a strong sense of responsibility.

During a meeting with the Head of Service, the Body of Permanent Secretaries, and selected Directors-General of agencies in Abuja on Thursday, the President emphasized the need for senior civil servants to recommit themselves to their duties and expedite matters concerning the welfare of citizens in order to enhance the lives of Nigerians.

The President cautioned against inefficiency and unnecessary bureaucracy that hinder economic interventions and programs targeting vulnerable individuals, stating that such practices would not be tolerated.

He directed the Head of Service to provide monthly briefings and submit Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports to his office for review.

Additionally, the President announced that quarterly interactive sessions between himself and the Body of Permanent Secretaries would be scheduled.

He further tasked the Head of Service and the Body of Permanent Secretaries with consistently monitoring progress in achieving the Renewed Hope Agenda of his administration.

“By the next meeting, I expect to witness progress in the civil service. I have sent individuals to evaluate the level of productivity,” he stated.

“The service to our nation is of utmost importance. We have the power to change the perception of Africa, not just Nigeria. Although we may not achieve perfection, with focus, we can completely transform and redirect the course of our country in the right direction,” he added.

Tinubu encouraged public servants to approach their work with a long-term understanding of their role in shaping the nation’s history, acknowledging that their actions would impact over 200 million people in Nigeria and abroad.

“Let us fulfill our children’s aspirations. Why are we impeding progress? It is not only disgraceful but also unacceptable. We made a commitment to lift our people out of poverty. We should not exacerbate their vulnerabilities. Instead, we should assist Nigerians in overcoming these challenges and refrain from exacerbating the difficult situation with unwarranted delays,” the President said. 

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