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Tinubu Unveils Salary Increment of N25,000 per Month for Low-Grade Civil Servants

Tinubu Unveils Salary Increment of N25,000 per Month for Low-Grade Civil Servants

President Bola Tinubu has revealed a wage increment of N25,000 per month for low-grade workers in the civil service, as part of efforts to mitigate the impact of the fuel subsidy removal policy.

Tinubu made this announcement during his Independence Day Broadcast to the nation on Sunday, October 1, specifying that the salary increase would be in effect for a period of six months.

Addressing the challenges facing Nigerians and the potential indefinite strike by organized labor, Tinubu expressed empathy towards the hardships experienced. He emphasized his commitment to building a national foundation on safe and favorable grounds, rather than perpetuating policies that harm the country.

Tinubu stressed the importance of enduring temporary hardships for the sake of achieving a future Nigeria where national resources are equitably shared among all citizens, rather than concentrated in the hands of a few. He envisioned a Nigeria where hunger, poverty, and hardship become remnants of the past.

To alleviate the burden on families and households, Tinubu outlined various measures being taken by his government. These include public sector reforms to stabilize the economy, fiscal and monetary policies to combat inflation, promotion of production, and ensuring the security of lives and property. In collaboration with labor, business, and other stakeholders, a provisional wage increment has been introduced to enhance the federal minimum wage without causing undue inflation. Over the next six months, low-grade workers will receive an additional N25,000 per month.

Furthermore, an Infrastructure Support Fund has been established to facilitate grassroots development, with states already receiving funds to provide relief packages against rising food and commodity prices.

Tinubu highlighted the importance of reducing transportation costs to strengthen the economy. To achieve this, his administration has introduced Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) buses across the nation, which operate at significantly lower fuel prices, thereby positively impacting transport fares. Efforts are also underway to expedite the procurement process for CNG conversion kits, establish training facilities and workshops for transport operators, and create new opportunities for entrepreneurs in the transport sector.

Tinubu emphasized that these initiatives mark a significant turning point for Nigeria as the nation embraces more efficient means of powering its economy. Through these changes, he believes that history will be made.

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