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Tinubu praises Prof Amadi for receiving the Nigeria Prize for Science

Tinubu praises Prof Amadi for receiving the Nigeria Prize for Science

President Bola Tinubu has extended his congratulations to Professor Hippolite Amadi for being honoured with the 2023 edition of The Nigeria Prize for Science.

The announcement by the Advisory Board of The Nigeria Prize for Science highlighted Professor Amadi’s pioneering work in developing respiratory technologies aimed at safeguarding the lives of newborns.

Professor Amadi’s award-winning invention encompasses a non-invasive neonatal ventilator, an oxygen delivery blending system, and an oxygen splitting system, all of which operate on solar energy. As a distinguished Professor of Medical Technology at Imo State University and a visiting Professor of Medical Engineering and Technology at Imperial College London, he has made significant contributions in the field of medical engineering.

President Tinubu expressed his delight at the impact of Professor Amadi’s innovative healthcare solution, emphasizing that it has not only reduced neonatal care costs but has also saved lives in hospitals that have adopted the solar-powered neonatal ventilator.

The President commended Professor Amadi for leveraging his expertise in medical engineering and technology, particularly in creating affordable medical systems, for the betterment of Nigerians and humanity as a whole. He also thanked Nigeria LNG Limited for awarding Professor Amadi the $100,000 prize for his groundbreaking neonatal care innovation.

President Tinubu stressed the importance of such collaborations between the private sector, academia, and the government in advancing critical sectors of Nigeria’s economy, including healthcare, education, technology, and innovation. This recognition underlines the commitment to achieving progress and success in these vital areas.

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