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Tinubu Marks First Lady’s 63rd Birthday with Celebration

Tinubu Marks First Lady's 63rd Birthday with Celebration

President Bola Tinubu has expressed his admiration and appreciation for his wife, First Lady Oluremi, on the occasion of her 63rd birthday.

He described her as a strong pillar in his journey to success, acknowledging the joy and laughter she has brought into his life over their 36 years together.

Tinubu highlighted their shared experiences, including standing against tyranny during challenging times, celebrating victories, and overcoming defeats. He emphasized the sacrifices she made during difficult periods and the unbreakable bond they have forged through thick and thin.

Their love and commitment to each other, he noted, have only grown stronger with time, and he thanked her for being the sunshine that brightens his darkest hours. Tinubu praised her kindness, wisdom, inner and outer beauty, and expressed profound gratitude for her presence in his life.

As they celebrated her birthday, he looked forward to many more years filled with laughter and love, and he prayed for her good health, longevity, and God’s guidance and protection for the First Lady.

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