THEFT ALERT! A Thief Was Caught Stealing in an abandoned Politician House Around NTA Street, Ikare Akoko [VIDEO]

THEFT ALERT! A Thief Was Caught Stealing in an abandoned Politician House Around NTA Street, Ikare Akoko, this Sunday afternoon.

The Politician named Honorable Taofik is a native of Ikare Akoko and has one of his house built in his hometown, Ikare Akoko. He started building this house few years ago though the house is already completed for an average man, having lots of facilities like Air conditioner, a big Plasma TV, Furniture, Cooker and lots of electrical appliances.

This house got abandoned probably because of his career, he hasn’t been visiting this house for about 4 years now.

According to eye witnesses, they said, “This is not his first time (the Thief) of stealing from the house, and that he has been stealing randomly from every homes in NTA Street, Ikare Akoko. ” The Thief got caught but he has already demolished the building from inside. 

Some of the people living in the neighborhood said that he has been stealing for long, some said, he came to steal Poultry Birds in different houses during December period which he almost got caught that day but he ran away and dropped the Turkey he stole and his slippers.

He happens to steal in a man of God’s house during that December period, leaving his slippers behind, which the man of God took and said, he is coming back to steal another thing and he will get caught that day.

It happened today, Sunday, 19th January, 2020. As the Thief entered a politician’s house, Hon. Taofik’s house in NTA street Ikare Akoko and was caught by a young boy which happened to be part of the neighborhood. When he got the thief walking suspiciously the young boy followed him and caught him but the theif fought back instead and strangled the neck of the young boy, the boy also struggled with him and shouted for helped. That is when some passerby got hold of him and called the relatives of the owner of the house who called the POLICE and got him arrested.

See Video Below:


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