Stan Nze and Blessing Obasi’s Gender Reveal Party Stirs Emotions

Stan Nze and Blessing Obasi's Gender Reveal Party Stirs Emotions

Nigerian film star Stan Nze and his talented actress wife, Blessing Obasi, have stirred the emotions of their fans through their recent gender reveal party.

The news of the couple’s pregnancy is already known. Over the weekend, the soon-to-be parents organised a small-scale gender reveal party, attended by fellow industry professionals such as Efe Irele.

The couple shared video clips of the event on their YouTube channel, revealing that, contrary to previous reports, they are expecting a baby boy.

In the comments section, many fans expressed their heartfelt emotions after watching the video.

One Molokwu Miracle wrote, “This must be the most beautiful and emotional video I have watched. God bless the Nzes

One Annie Modu wrote, “This was priceless. I had to rewatch the moment. God’s plan is always the best

One Nadegeki Bambo wrote, “This was emotional. We love you so much guys, may the Lord bless you even more. We cannot wait for the little prince to arrive

One Amaka Gabriel Bv6ge wrote, “The reveal was so emotional for me. Like Mazi and Lolo’s reactions was it for me. Congratulations to the Nze’s. God bless and keep you both in good health and sound mind.

One Olamide Akinola wrote, “The reaction was indeed priceless and emotional. I had to rewatch it again

One Moddy wrote, “I must say this. While watching the gender reveal tears came to my eye, but it was not a disappointment. It was shock and joy.

One Amaya Rue wrote, “I went through all emotions in this video from quarrel to forgiveness, to acceptance, love, laughter, paddies to prayer partners and friends to emotions.

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