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Software Glitch to Blame for Abia’s N1.5bn Budget Allocation for Hilux Vehicles, Says Otti

Software Glitch to Blame for Abia's N1.5bn Budget Allocation for Hilux Vehicles, Says Otti

Abia State Governor, Alex Otti, clarified that a software error led to the erroneous budget allocation of 1.5 billion naira for two Toyota Hilux vehicles.

Otti addressed this issue during his visit to the Ezeukwu road market in Aba, where he sympathized with traders affected by a recent fire incident. He explained that the reported figure was a result of a software glitch in the Excel package used to prepare the budget document, and the correct allocation was 150 million naira.

Upon discovering the discrepancy, Governor Otti promptly contacted the Commissioner for Budget and Planning to investigate the matter. The commissioner confirmed that the error was not related to the number of units or the price, but rather a formula error in the Excel sheet. Otti emphasized that the mistake had been rectified and expressed gratitude to those who brought it to his attention, highlighting the importance of public vigilance and holding the government accountable.

Governor Otti reassured the public that the overall budget numbers were accurate and that the figure of 1.5 billion naira should have been 150 million naira, representing the cost of two Hilux vans at 75 million naira each. He encouraged citizens to remain vigilant and actively engage with the government, emphasizing that democracy thrives when people hold their leaders accountable.


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