Sheggz receives a house as a birthday present from devoted fans

Sheggz receives a house as a birthday present from devoted fans

In an unexpected twist, reality TV sensation Sheggz celebrated his 28th birthday today, attracting considerable attention due to a heartwarming gesture from his dedicated fan base. Known for his charismatic personality, Sheggz shared a modest yet sophisticated birthday photo on his social media platform, triggering an outpouring of well-wishes from fans and fellow celebrities.

The highlight of Sheggz’s special day came in the form of an astonishing gift from his fans—a magnificent new house situated on the island. A viral video capturing the moment depicts an ecstatic Sheggz, overwhelmed by the cheers and applause of his supporters. They enthusiastically guided him through the luxurious property, highlighting various rooms and spaces he can enjoy, particularly with his girlfriend, Bella Okaboi.

Bella, who often accompanies Sheggz in the public eye, didn’t hold back her affection in her birthday message to him. Earlier today, she openly expressed her intense infatuation with Sheggz, unapologetically stating that she felt no guilt about her overwhelming emotions. However, her confession elicited a range of reactions online. Some internet users criticized Bella for being excessively dramatic in her displays of love. Undeterred by the criticism, Bella swiftly responded to the detractors, going as far as labeling fans of the popular show ‘Big Brother Naija’ and others as ‘foolish’.

Adding to the intrigue, Bella had previously expressed her eagerness to start a family with Sheggz. Just last month, she candidly revealed her desire to have a baby while emphasizing her commitment to waiting until marriage. This declaration hinted at her aspirations for an early wedding with Sheggz, generating excitement among their fans.

The couple’s relationship has faced scrutiny in the past. Two months ago, Bella shared a direct message from a fan of Sheggz, who criticized her for allegedly causing pain to Sheggz and urged her to let him go if she couldn’t stop hurting him.

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