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Senate Warns Nigerian Government Against Electricity Tariff Hike, Launches Probe into N2trn Subsidy Claim

Senate Warns Nigerian Government Against Electricity Tariff Hike, Launches Probe into N2trn Subsidy Claim

The Nigerian Senate has issued a strong warning to the Federal Government, urging them not to increase electricity tariffs in any form. The Senate emphasized that such a move would exacerbate the challenges faced by Nigerians.

During a plenary session presided over by Senate President Godswill Akpabio on Wednesday, the upper legislative chamber expressed its concerns and adopted a resolution. The Senate assigned its Committee on Power to investigate the alleged subsidy requirements of over N2 trillion, as stated by the Minister of Power, as well as the outstanding N1.3 trillion owed to electricity Generation Companies (GENCOs) and a $1.3 billion debt to gas companies.

Several senators who contributed to the discussion expressed their worries about the proposed electricity tariff increase. They questioned whether the Federal Government was aware of the difficulties Nigerians are currently facing due to hunger and economic challenges.

The motion, sponsored by Senator Aminu Iya Abba and supported by ten other lawmakers, alerted the Senate to the planned electricity tariff hike and cautioned against implementing it at this time, warning of potential backlash.

The motion also called for an end to the arbitrary billing of customers without meters by electricity companies.

Aminu Tambuwal, former Speaker of the House of Representatives and former governor of Sokoto State, supported the motion and advised the Federal Government to prioritize addressing the hunger and hardships faced by citizens before considering an electricity tariff increase.

Following a thorough debate, the Senate resolved that the Federal Government should halt the planned electricity tariff hike in the best interest of Nigerians. Additionally, they called for an investigation into the Minister of Power’s statement regarding the N2 trillion subsidy requirement to prevent a repeat of the fuel subsidy scandal.

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