See the 5 hilarious but true facts why ASUU might not suspend the ongoing strike 

Week in, week out, Nigerian students want to hear this good news: Hurray! ASUU has called off the strike. Especially the final year students.

We hear of an ASUU meeting every Friday night but nothing positive comes out of it, the strike still continues.
Buhari came back, they have not canceled it, Osinbajo will lead FG’s delegation, still yet nothing.
However, it seems these lecturers just wants us to have a fun time with this strike
I know would be mad at me for this article. But can’t you see that there are just some reasons that are hidden from the public.
Everyone has a skeleton, difference is where do you keep your skeleton. See, the last indefinite strike was 6months. So, this one promises to be bigger, better and more longer, trust me.
However, there might be reasons why ASUU hasn’t called off the strike yet apart from the 2013 memorandum reasons they gave.

These might be the reasons;

1. ASUU wants you to hustle and make money:

If you are like me who hates collecting pocket money and wants to be self-reliant, Voila! This ASUU strike is for us. Time to take advantage. That’s how I saw one big girl in church collecting “Owo offering”(offering money) in church yesterday. Damn! And you call yourself “slay mama??”
See, this strike is a blessing in disguise for real-time hustlers. Hustlers don’t sleep when others are sleeping. They work throughout the night, they take a nap in the morning and wake up later to continue their hustle.
Before you start thinking about “yahoo”, there are a lot of jobs you can do.
ASUU wants the students to feel the pain of the working class, whether it’s a factory job, sales girl, nanny. Just go and do one. You can also work at the restaurant where you can help them in washing plates. At least you’ll earn money.

2. ASUU what’s you to watch the 2018 World Cup at home:

So, I made the calculation, If ASUU cancels the strike by December/January. We would resume in January and finish the session by May. Wow, good news coupled with the 3 Months break.
The World Cup runs from June to July. And since I love to watch the World Cup with the whole fam, ASUU has made it easier for me. It won’t be nice having exams on the day Nigeria would be playing one big country, let’s say Brazil .
Some people will abandon their exams to watch that match. Trust me.

3. ASUU wants students to learn a new skill:

A lot of students after every 2nd semester spend at least 3 months for the holiday. They do nothing. They stay at home. Watch TV series, attend Owambe parties. ASUU knows. ASUU also acknowledges that majority of the current crop of graduates are unemployed. Still, students don’t want to be self-reliant.
Every quarter the NBS(Nigerian Bureau of Statistics) release a report of the economy, the inflation rate and the unemployment rate. The unemployment rate keeps increasing majorly due to company downsizing their workforce or SMEs folding up.
The Management students know this. But, most of them will still post “slay” photos on IG, go to clubs/elegushi Beach on Friday, Owambe parties on Saturday.
Peeps, this is the time to be productive. I, especially have undertaken two online digital marketing courses with certificates awarded. If you can’t learn a skill(maybe due to cost of training), go online, there are free courses to learn, don’t waste time!

4. ASUU wants you to learn from your parents:

This is for boys and girls who oversalt the food they give us as cooler ministry. Use your data to watch some tutorial videos. Learn how to cook sumptuous meals not just the regular.
Have you heard of fritata. Rack up knowledge during this Strike, learn how to fix devices and appliances especially when they get spoilt. And also for most of you who don’t like to run errands for your parents, this is pay back time. ASUU is trying to humble most of you and since you know God resist the proud and give grace to the humble you better succumb.
5. And finally, ASUU wants you to Gain More Experience Through Internship:
Students at home, it’s not until you’re in 300L/400L or your course doesn’t qualifies you for internship? Well, this ASUU strike is a window of opportunity for you to gain more experience by applying for internship at any firm. Just tell them “I’m Johnny Bravo, a student of….seeking for internship at…”
Students at least if it is at IyaRisikat Boutique where you would be a sales girl, please go and do it. It would add to your CV.
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