See Drama in Anambra as Pregnant Daughter Discovers Husband's Romance with Her Mother

A pregnant girl has packed her property and left her matrimonial home and declared that she was no longer interested in the marriage after discovering a romance between her own mother and her husband.

A 17-year old girl who got married to a man identified simply as Kingsley, has discovered two days after her marriage that her mother had deep intimate relationship her husband.
According to a report by P.M.Express, not minding the fact that she was already pregnant, the girl parked her property, left her matrimonial home and declared that she was no longer interested in the marriage.
It was gathered that the incident happened at Ogboji town in Orumba Local Government Area but the victim hails from Umuchu in Aguata Local Government Area, all in Anambra State.
The the widow simply known as Jane lost her husband and after mourning him for several years, she decided to find love again and met Kingsley.
However, it was gathered that their relationship was said to be strong to the extent that both families knew about it, even though Kingsley was younger, but the situation changed when Kingsley indicated his interest to marry and have his own family. They agreed that they will keep their relationship intact and Jane suggested that he should marry one of her daughters and he agreed.
While narrating her story, the victim said, “when my mother asked me to marry Kingsley I refused because I knew my mother knew him too well”, she said, adding that they had targeted her fertility period and Kingsley arranged with her mom, she was taken to where she was offered drink and that was all she knew as she slept off.
She said when she woke up, she discovered that she was defiled and from that encounter got pregnant. Her mother then told her that since she was pregnant, Kingsley had to marry her and she was forced to accept. She said their family members were contacted who initially objected but had to consent to her mother’s position without knowing she was already pregnant.
Speaking further, she said her dowry was paid and she went with him but hated both Kingsley and her mother who arranged the whole thing when she was supposed to finish her secondary school.
The victim said when she reflected on what happened, she realised that the whole thing was caused by her mother who she later got to know was sharing Kingsley with her and had to walk out of the marriage.
She said that once she delivers the baby, she will go back to school to take her WAEC and further her education.
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