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See 5 Weird Things That Can Happen After climax |

See 5 Weird Things That Can Happen After climax |

Shockingly, when women say the climax made them feel like flying, it can actually happen. Hallucination is part of the side effects of climax for some ladies
The goal of all s*x is that it ends in climax, the intense pleasure that comes from the release of all that built up tension, which is a good thing, in fact it results in one of the best feelings ever. Even some s*x that doesn’t end up in climax can still be quite good, that has been established.
Yet for some reasons, asides from the good vibes that comes out after s*x, there can be some unwanted body reaction as well. These feelings can even be referred to as weird, asides from climax relieving blood pressure, curing headache, make you look flush, there are other less unwanted things that can happen after an climax.
They include sneezing, hallucinations, and serious fatigue, this is what is referred to as per-orgasmic phenomena. It’s just a scientific jargon for strange side effects to climax, writes Laura Hampson, Daily Star.
Here are 5 of the weirdest that might happen after having s*x, not just any kind of s*x, it can also happen after the best s*x of your life, it all depends on your body and how it reacts to it.
1. Crying
This cry is different from the one that might happen during s*x. This cry can happen even after one hour of the s*x happening. It is referred to as Postcoital dysphoria, and it can involve agitation, depression, tears, anxiety and melancholy feeling. They happen in good and stable relationship.
Psychology could be reason for biological reflex, which is a feeling of loneliness after the s*x is over.
I witnessed one before, and it wasn’t a pretty sight, kept thinking it was something I did. You learn something new every day.
2. Weakness
The climax may be have been one of the most intense you’ve felt in a long time, but that utter weakness is a side effect of it, in medical terms, it’s called orgasmolepsy. The first case of it was recorded in 1928 and also bring along sleep disorder. It can be as powerful as full muscle control loss that can last for up to 30 seconds.
3. Hallucinations
Ladies would say a good man-hood would make you see things, well that might be true but it is one of the side effects of climax. When a study in Turkey asked 50 women who have experience it, they revealed that they all something about being able to fly or being airborne.
More from the study, 75 per cent of the ladies said they felt like they left their bodies while another 24 per cent said they entered into a world of cartoon.
4. Sneezing
It keeps getting strange, it’s a matter of wonder how after a good round of s*x, one can begin sneezing which wasn’t there before. Turns out, during climax a part of parasympathetic nervous system was activated that caused the sneeze. There was a case of a 59 years old woman who began to sneeze consistently for ten years after an climax.
5. Headache
climax can help cure headaches, and now apparently for a few set of people, it can bring about headache. s*xual headaches are as a result of adrenaline push in the body that occurs during climax.


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