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Security Concerns: Group Calls on Stakeholders in North-East to Work Towards Region’s Restoration

Security Concerns: Group Calls on Stakeholders in North-East to Work Towards Region's Restoration

The North East Development Association, known as NEDA, has called upon key stakeholders in the Northeast, including Vice President Kashim Shettima, governors, and legislators, to devise sustainable solutions for the region’s revival.

Bitako Umar, the Secretary General of NEDA, conveyed this message on behalf of the association during a news conference titled “Conference on Politics and Development in the Northeast Sub-region” held in Abuja on Tuesday.

Umar explained that NEDA, functioning as an advocacy and socio-cultural group representing the interests of the sub-region, had convened to assess the political landscape and developmental activities in the area. The association’s primary goal was to bring to the attention of crucial stakeholders the prevailing challenges in the region. This initiative aimed to reinforce the efforts directed towards the recovery of the Northeast from the devastating impact of insurgency, conflicts, and related criminal activities.

He stated, “The Association resolved as follows: That, it is pertinent for critical stakeholders of the sub-region to constantly bear in mind that the region was a big hub for agricultural and business activities.” This was the scenario before the emergence of the so-called Boko Haram insurgency and communal conflicts that plagued the region. Thus, there is a pressing need for a collective and supportive collaboration to restore the region’s former prosperity while prioritizing efforts to establish peace and security.

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