Sam Larry speaks up about viral video of him harassing Mohbad – “I was asking him for my money”

Sam Larry speaks up about viral video of him harassing Mohbad - "I was asking him for my money"

Sam Larry, an aide to Naira Marley and one of Nigeria’s most wanted men, has returned to Nigeria to defend himself against accusations related to the death of Mohbad.

Recalling the recent incident that caused a stir in the Nigerian music scene, a video went viral showing Sam Larry confronting Mohbad in a heated altercation. This confrontation raised suspicions and concerns among fans and the media.

In the video, Sam Larry was seen attacking Mohbad from behind, sparking speculations and accusations that he was the main suspect in Mohbad’s untimely demise.

In response to the rumors and allegations, Sam Larry has taken a courageous step by issuing a press statement to address the incident. In the statement, he strongly denied any involvement in Mohbad’s death.

According to Sam Larry’s statement, the incident was grossly misinterpreted. He explained that the confrontation stemmed from a financial dispute rather than any malicious intentions. Sam Larry revealed that he had paid Mohbad a generous sum of two million Naira to perform at his mother’s wedding ceremony.

However, things took an unexpected turn when Mohbad failed to fulfill his commitment and perform at the event as agreed. Sam Larry stated that he had tried to resolve the matter and request a refund through amicable means, but his efforts proved futile.

Upon learning that Mohbad was shooting a music video nearby, Sam Larry decided to approach him and discuss the unresolved issue. It was during this encounter that tensions escalated, leading to the confrontation captured in the viral video.

SamLarry statement”

2 year’s ago, I gave Ileri N2m to perform at my mother’s annual remembrance concert at Ikorodu, he boy never turned up, so I called him to ask why?, He then said he was not feeling well and when I asked for a refund, he said he lost his phone and money recently when the NDLEA raided his place in the process and since he was leaving Marlian Records, he is now broke, with no commitment to repay.

then left, all for me to later hear that this same boy was having a musical video shot the next door, practically next street to my house, so I went there o ask for my money again, we had an argument that asted 5mins, even one of his friends insisted he was going pay the money, up till today one kobo they have not paid me, this was early last year. I have since then moved on,

traveled to Kenya to find new African act that can perform at my mother’s concert this year. I have been away since August 20!, till now I don’t know anything other than what was written in the blogs and press. I don’t even know where he lives, I only know his former label boss and their house. I don’t know any nurse or doctor or hospital, I don’t know anything about his movement, I don’t have that time, I have lost a lot more money than that before, you win some you loose some.

That is my story case close. I came here willingly and happily. I know nothing about how the musician did”

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