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Riding with decorum | Part 2


The moment you enter your car what do you think about? Is it just your destination, or the possible time it will take you to get there and the hurdles along the way?

Time and time again we see people jump into their vehicles and spontaneously start the engine before you know it they are already moving. It appears like the rules of driving are all thrown out of window and nothing else really matters. I remember vividly while learning how to drive the first step was always to conduct routine checks all around before you start the vehicle. Welcome to today’s continuation of ‘Riding with Decorum – Part 2’
Belt it up

Personally I am at breach of etiquette if I turn the engine and start moving without wearing my seat belt. it is a routine I have cultivated for myself. If we were to randomly conduct a stop and search exercise you would be surprised how many people are driving around without the use of the seat belt regardless of fully knowing the consequences how ironical this is. It is always essential you belt up first before anything else, more importantly before you move ensure that everybody riding with you has done so especially the children inclusive.
Freshen the Air
Just like any other living or working space from time to time it is a good idea to deodorize the internal air within the vehicle and keep it smelling fresh. This tends to happen from stale food as well as other litter lying around. To freshen the air is to continuously declutter waste or use a purpose built air freshener for cars that will last long.
Mirrors make the moment
Unless you are a genius it is almost impossible to drive without mirrors and therefore you cannot succeed in riding with decorum. The presence and position of your mirrors makes that driving experience a great one. There is nothing like managing with one mirror, you will always need to access your blind spot. Both your side and inner mirror must be positioned well before take-off.
Bag your Possessions
For many people their vehicle is a prized possession, they spend long journey hours at a time driving so will want to be as comfortable as possible. By doing this very easily they start cumulating, so many items that form ways to disrupt the ability to ride with decorum; From the piling up of newspapers, Cd’s, work materials, mugs, water bottles  and much more it is safer to keep them in neat compartments and bags. Or at least where they can be accessed again.
Light music or Sound
Riding can be boring without a companion to talk to or the sound of music. Your favoured radio channels or musical albums are best appreciated in the car held up in traffic. Play what inspires you and is pleasing to the listening ear. Remember other passengers when making a choice and keep the volume moderate.
Your Phone Distraction
Being addicted to your phone can be very detrimental especially if you tend to glance over your phone continuously at every moment. We have heard it all No texting, No calling, No chattering while in motion over the use of your phone this is a clear rule of thumb. Some vehicles now have a device where you can link your calls and speak through the inbuilt speakers. This is great as it is all hands free. Have the right mind-set while riding with decorum and lead by example always.
Drinks Drinks Drinks
You can never appear as someone with presence if while stepping out of your vehicle it clearly looks like you have been drinking. Never be a danger to yourself or other road users too.
Drive Safely Always!!!

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