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Riding With Decorum (Part 1)


Being in the right state of mind when driving is a must, stress, fatigue, depression is an absolute No whenever you decide to drive. Not only are you a danger to yourself but would be a threat to other road users too. I remember going out with my driver in Nairobi, Kenya a while back, it was mid -morning so the roads were generally free, as we approached an empty road a woman came speeding right at us as if she were asleep and could not see us. We made a loud noise almost as if to wake her up, before she realized where she was. We averted a probable ghastly accident. I had to get down from my vehicle to see if she was alright. In the midst of it all I could not help noticing the state in which the inside of her car was. It was a right mess just as her thoughts were or so she said.

Have you bought your dream car? Have you imagined yourself cruising in your four wheels of choice? When you get that dream vehicle is it to be considered a treasure or simply another property possession? How well do you look after what is yours?

Many times you admire a vehicle from the outside but once you get the opportunity to enter inside, your admiration drops. There is no other reason but simply because the state of the internal is beyond your expectation in other words once again in a right mess. If you must ride in your vehicle along with others too, why not ride with decorum. We can tell a lot about you and your personality just by your appearance, conduct and communication skills. It is time to drop the “It does not matter syndrome”, unfortunately in today’s world everything does matter.

I remember my cousin asking me to ride with her when we were moving from one event location to the next. Now I know she has three children but on entering her vehicle, she first said to me “Aunty don’t mind the little mess” I looked around I must say, I was unpleasantly disappointed at the state in which her car was in. It looked like war had just taken place, biscuit and snack crumbs in every corner, used plastic cups, bits and pieces of tissue paper, rice grains and so much old newspaper. I cannot begin to explain the odour that was going on. Now why would anyone subject themselves to that. Without bothering to ask it was evident that the car had not been cleaned in quite a while. My belief is that such clutter will surely becloud or disrupt ones attentive span.

My two cents is this quite simply put, to own a vehicle is an expensive venture, having the right attitude in life is a stepping stone to future success. It is important to value things of life and that does include your prized possession. Valuing what you own is a major part of success, survival and sustainability. Whether the vehicle is new, old or slightly trashy your aspiration is to aim for higher. There is a saying that says if you cannot handle one dollar/naira how will you handle one hundred? If you cannot handle the cheap how can you handle to exclusive?

If you are yet to buy a car at all or your dream ride you will need to retune your thoughts on how to ride with decorum so you can get the best value for your vehicle.


Plan a Maintenance Regime

Take note of next service due date, don’t just run your vehicle into the ground.  Regularly make it a point of duty to service your vehicle for upkeep and maintenance, possibly keep a maintenance calendar if you must.

Maintain a Regular Scrub down Timetable

If you have a driver then this should be part of his job role. Some drivers feel that it is the owner’s duty to take the car for a professional wash all the time. A daily wash is ideal as a routine but if not then surely a weekly wash. The inside is a must do daily routine for health and hygiene reasons. For added value a good polish would make you feel proud of your vehicle.

Intend a Cleanliness Daily Route

Decide not to eat in the vehicle it is an indulgence especially if you allow the kids to eat in the car too. It does not leave a good image. At times when nursing a baby there is a tendency to overload the car with so many things, diapers, baby food, flask and much more, ensure you carry a sizable baby bag that can accommodate everything neatly. Make your car a no drinking, no eating, no smoking zone, passengers will get the message once they step in. Just maintain a keep clean stay clean rule with your kids too. You can give your kids a task of doing a clean car check regularly to master the art of cleanliness.

Watch for part 2 riding with decorum.

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