Review of Big Brother Saga as 2022 is about getting started

Review of Big Brother Naija 2021 Shine Your Eye Saga as 2022 is about getting started

Big Brother Reviews 2021: Season 24 2022 About To Get Started

In the year 2020, some viewers of “Big Brother” were dissatisfied with the 22nd season. Many individuals disliked the gameplay since it was too predictable and desired to see all new players rather than returning all-stars.

In the summer of 2021, the 23rd season of “Big Brother” made an attempt to give fans what they had been requesting: a completely new cast, more diversity in the “Big Brother” house than had ever been seen before, and a twist involving teams that were intended to hopefully prevent a large alliance from forming early on in the game.

It’s safe to say that “Big Brother 23” made history. The all-Black Cookout alliance was able to keep their identities a secret throughout the entirety of the season, making it all the way to the final six together and ensuring that the show would crown its first-ever black victor. In addition to that, the season offered us Tiffany Mitchell, who is maybe the most well-respected “Big Brother” player to appear on the show since Derrick Levasseur in “Big Brother 16.”

However, there were some people who thought the season was predictable due to the fact that The Cookout’s loyalty to each other was so unwavering and they were in power so frequently. Have viewers been less interested in watching this season? How do the ratings for this season stack up in comparison to those of previous seasons?

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Here is the information that you require.

The Ratings for “Big Brother 23”

According to Deadline’s estimates, 3.47 million viewers tuned in to watch the season finale of “Big Brother 23.” This indicates that there was a decrease in viewership of approximately 13 per cent compared to the season premiere on July 13, which 4.01 million people watched.

The finale of “Survivor,” which aired on the same network an hour before the conclusion of “Big Brother 23,” was watched by 5.69 million people.

The daytime ratings for the “Big Brother” finale were lower than those for the finale of the previous season, which had 3.77 million viewers.

How the Ratings for ‘Big Brother 23’ Stack Up Against Those of Other Past Seasons

It should come as no surprise that viewers’ interest in “Big Brother” has waned since the early 2000s. Fewer people watch network television now than they did in the year 2000 when the first episode of “Big Brother” was broadcast. This is largely due to the proliferation of entertainment options and streaming platforms.

Still, how do the ratings for “Big Brother 23” stack up against those of previous seasons? According to TV Series Finale, the number of people who watched each episode of “Big Brother 16” in 2014 was an average of 6.39 million people. “Big Brother 16” is widely regarded as one of the show’s “modern” seasons that are particularly strong.

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A general downward trend can be seen in the viewership of “Big Brother” since the 16th season (all numbers from the TV Series Finale):

  • 6.10 million viewers tuned in on a weekly basis, on average, during Season 17
  • 5.45 million viewers tuned in on a weekly basis, on average, during the 18th season.
  • The average number of viewers for the nineteenth season was 6.08 million.
  • 5.43 million viewers tuned in on a regular basis throughout Season 20.
  • 4.46 million viewers tuned in on a weekly basis, on average, during Season 21.
  • 3.38 million viewers tuned in on a weekly basis, on average, during Season 22.
  • 3.69 million viewers tuned in on a weekly basis, on average, during Season 23.

Will ‘Big Brother’ Be Renewed for Another Season?

It would appear that “Big Brother 24” is going to happen, given that CBS is already taking applications for the show. After going off the air in 2019, the network also revealed that a new season of “Celebrity Big Brother” will premiere in February 2022. The show has been off the air since 2019. It would appear that devoted viewers of “Big Brother” do not need to be concerned about the show being cancelled in the near future.

Some names that are reportedly being considered for the cast of “Celebrity Big Brother 3” have been tweeted out by the reliable “Big Brother” spoiler Twitter account @Spoilergirl1.

Clay Aiken, who came in second place on “American Idol,” Tiffany Pollard, who is a reality television personality, Jax Taylor, who is a reality star on Bravo, and Kellyanne Conway, who worked in the White House before she became a political commentator, have all reportedly been mentioned in a tweet. According to another tweet, former “Survivor” contestant Boston Rob’s name has also been brought up.

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