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Relationship Tips – Long lasting Relationship [Kemi Amushan] 


Having similar core values is an absolute must in building a miraculous relationship! If you don’t have this, you will have trouble. This is the same phrase as, being on the same path.
Being in charge of everything around you especially your love life and creating what you want to experience in your partnership is crucial in having that relationship you so desire. You must also know what you want to have and how to get that which you so desire.
I know we all have our lists of what is important in a relationship. Most of the time, this list consists of a shallow version of a person (i.e. how they look, dress, their career, money, etc.) But, what if you could manifest your next great relationship with the qualities and characteristics that really, really matter?
In choosing and being in that perfect relationship, you have to be able to have or do the following…
✴ Emotional Awareness
You must be very aware of your own emotions and have awareness of what you are feeling! This prevents emotional blackmails, blaming, shaming and so many other problems that can occur if a partner is not on the path to heal emotionally!
✴ Changing The Way You Think
Knowing what your personal brain patterns are, for the good, the bad and the ugly, is vital in changing yourself! Transformation begins in knowing how your own mind operates.
✴ Physical Chemistry
This is the kind of excitement you feel when your partner walks through the door. You are physically attracted to your mate.
✴ Sexual Connection
Let’s face it, sexual connection is a must in an intimate relationship! Without the passion between two people and connecting in a deep, physical way, it is much like living with a roommate.
✴ Desire for Deeper Intimacy
Intimacy is not the same thing as physical chemistry or sexual connection. Intimacy is in sharing yourself, from a deep, emotional place. The part of you that has been hidden from others. The Secret You, that rarely gets seen.
✴ Similar Core Values
Having similar core values is an absolute must in building a miraculous relationship! If you don’t have this, you will have trouble. This is the same phrase as, being on the same path.
✴ Being on the Same Team
Too often, when couples are stressed with day to day living, they become almost like enemies. It’s too sad when couples forget they are on the same team and the bickering becomes the wedge that separates a family.
✴ Having Fun Together
Having a partner that you can laugh with, joke around with, explore together, is vital to keeping the relationship light! Life is so much better when fun is mixed in! Trust me.
✴ Enjoying Similar Activities
You want a relationship where you have similar activities you both enjoy. This is so enriching for the relationship! You need to be able to pick someone that enjoys trying new things, and adventurous partner is a fun partner .
✴ Similar Life Paths for Soul Purpose
A relationship can live without this, but when I decided to also write down my list, this particular point was of extreme significance! I want to share my life path and dreams with my life partner. I am very certain that once you set your mind in achieving that goal, you and your partner will be inseperable.
✴ Ultimate Respect for Each Other
R-E-S-P-E-C-T! You absolutely, must have a relationship where you give and receive respect. This is your beloved, and you are theirs. To be in a relationship that is disrespectful is a travesty to your soul, let alone your self-esteem. Respect your partner at all times.
✴ Amazing Communication Skills
This will be the glue through any discussion, argument, problem and joy you will ever experience. You must learn communication skills to reach one another during the times of hurt and wounding, which there will be at some point (hopefully, you pick a partner where that is at a minimal).
✴ Faith
Last, but certainly not least, is faith that you will have the love you want! When in a relationship, you will need faith to keep going during the difficult times. Faith will build you up when you feel down. Rely on your faith, and your faith will see you through!
In my mind and heart, I know you will have the “right” relationship if you follow this formula! It’s as easy as 123.
To the loving relationship we all deserve and look forward to. Cheers.


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