Regina Daniels Opens Up About Her “Odogwu” Husband and the Sweetness of Their Marriage

Regina Daniels Opens Up About Her "Odogwu" Husband and the Sweetness of Their Marriage

Regina Daniels, the popular Nollywood actress and spouse of billionaire Ned Nwoko, has decided to clarify the truth about her marriage. Amidst the various speculations surrounding her relationship, Regina has revealed that her marriage is even more blissful than what is portrayed online.

Over time, Regina Daniels has consistently faced comments, rumors, and speculations about her marriage to Ned Nwoko. However, she chose to address these matters in an interview with BBC News Pidgin.

She emphasized that despite the assumptions and opinions people form based on online comments, her marriage to Ned Nwoko surpasses expectations in terms of happiness and contentment. She shared that she and her husband often read these comments together and find amusement in them.

In her own words:

My husband na Odogwu. The feeling for inside house sweet pass wetin people dey see for outside. Anything wey I want like this, I go get am. To cook, the day wey I say I wan cook, e go even fight me say why I dey cook? Say make i comot for kitchen. It’s a very comfortable lifestyle and a happy one”

Regina Daniels also discussed how she handles negative comments. She mentioned that she usually ignores them and focuses on the ones that bring laughter or positivity. She expressed that she has reached a point in her life where she doesn’t have time to dwell on negativity.

Recent events have demonstrated the strong and affectionate bond between Regina Daniels and Ned Nwoko. A video of the couple attending the wedding reception of Senator Sani’s daughter showcased their genuine love for each other, providing a beautiful display of their connection and unity.

In addition, Vistanaij Media reported that Regina Daniels’ ex, Somadina, commented on her recent Instagram picture, referring to her as the “lady in red.” This indicates that they still maintain a cordial relationship.


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