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Police make vows to stop illegal use of escorts in Abia

Ogbonnaya Ikokwu, Umuahia
The Commissioner of Police, Abia State command, Mr Adeleye Oyebade, has said the state police command will clamp down on Abia residents who abuse the use of police escorts, siren and cover their vehicles’ number plates.

Oyebade said it had become necessary to enforce the law concerning the use of police escorts and siren to check some criminals who abuse the law, saying the law was clear on those permitted to enjoy such a privilege.
Oyebade said, “The security of the members of the public is paramount to our command rather than allowing a few individuals to have police escorts unlawfully attached to them.
“Some of them have gone ahead to cover their vehicles’ number plates. It is the height of impunity and we will not tolerate it. Many criminals hide under this guise to commit heinous crimes.  To the best of my knowledge, nobody has the right to cover their number plates and I have instructed my police officers to clamp down on those who abuse the law.
“We will ensure that whoever is not in a position to legally have police escorts and use siren will not be allowed to use them. The law is very explicit on that, I’m only an enforcer of the law. We will stop anybody not permitted by the law from enjoying the privilege. No matter how highly placed the person might be, we will bring such a person to book.”
“We will withdraw police officers attached to such people. We are going to use the officers to cover the whole state. It is better we continue with the internal policing that we driving at, than allow some individuals to have 10 to 12 policemen for their private use.”
He further noted that the state police command was already making plans for adequate security to forestall any security breach during the oncoming Children’s Day and Democracy Day celebrations in the state.
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