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Omokri Urges Nigerians to Refrain from Blaming Tinubu for High Dollar Rate

Omokri Urges Nigerians to Refrain from Blaming Tinubu for High Dollar Rate

Reno Omokri, a prominent sociopolitical activist, issued a cautionary message to Nigerians on Sunday, advising them against directing curses towards President Bola Tinubu due to the prevailing economic challenges and high dollar rate in the country.

Omokri emphasized that Nigerians’ inclination towards foreign products instead of locally manufactured goods contributed to the existing hardships in the nation. He asserted that the exchange rate of the US dollar would not decrease until Nigerians actively chose to support and consume domestically made products.

Taking to social media, Omokri shared his thoughts, stating, “You come on the Internet with MTN. You are wearing a $250 human hair wig that was sacrificed in an Indian temple and then shipped to Nigeria as ‘Brazilian’ hair. Your clothes come from Italy, your shoes from Spain, and you had Quaker oats from England for breakfast, with eggs from South Africa, which you ate while watching DSTV also from South Africa, and you are heaping curses on Bola Tinubu over the state of the Naira?”

He continued, “You are the problem with the Naira. You, with your MTN data. The high dollar rate won’t change! If you are not producing or consuming local goods and services and you come to social media to complain, then you haven’t grasped the fact that the Naira has been devalued. No matter how much you throw tantrums, the dollar will not decrease unless you begin to support and consume products made in Nigeria.”

Omokri stressed the significance of economic principles rather than resorting to propaganda. He urged Nigerians to drive vehicles manufactured by Innoson, use Glo for communication, build with Dangote materials, and consume goods produced by Nasco.

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