Olivetheboy – GoodSin (Lyrics)

Olivetheboy – GoodSin (Lyrics)

Experience the lyrical brilliance of Olivetheboy in “GoodSin (Lyrics).” This heartfelt release takes you on a captivating introspective journey, delving into the depths of human nature and the concept of sin.

Olivetheboy’s soul-stirring vocals and poetic storytelling will leave you mesmerized. Get ready to be moved as you immerse yourself in the profound lyrics of “GoodSin.”

Let Olivetheboy’s artistry resonate with your soul and discover the transformative power of music. Enjoy the official lyrics of “GoodSin (Lyrics)” by Olivetheboy right here.

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GoodSin by Olivetheboy Lyrics (Written by Olivetheboy)

Keep quiet keep quiet …

A moment of silence for my baby

Don’t talk let me talk


Loving You girl no get holyday

Ado am all day everyday mmmm

I need no one like I need you

O nah nah

Loving u girl it get Pom Pom shey you go know how I want de Pom Pom shey oo

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I need no one like I need you o

Onah nah mm shower body down and come my lover mmm

Make I dirty you well with my love laa laa

And I say hop on my bed,let’s sin baby come on go sing go sing no be bad sin good sin good sin no be bad god sin alhamdulai

Baby let sin good sin baby come on

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