Ola Of Lagos Net worth, Biography, Age, Real Name, Career, Endorsement

Ola Of Lagos Net worth, Biography, Age, Real Name, Career, Endorsement, Wikipedia

This article highlights the achievements of Waris Olayinka Akinwande – Real Name, who is widely recognized as Ola of Lagos. He was born and raised in Lagos State, Nigeria and is considered one of Nigeria’s most gifted and imaginative individuals.

Ola of Lagos is a young man in his late twenties who has amassed a significant amount of wealth through his innovative Instagram posts, videos, and skits about cars. aims to focus on the remarkable accomplishments of Ola of Lagos in this piece.

Ola Of Lagos Biography

Ola of Lagos and his siblings were raised as Muslims, and he faced numerous challenges during his upbringing, which led him to learn how to hustle from a young age. To pursue his education, Ola of Lagos attended primary and secondary schools located in Lagos State, Nigeria.

How Old Is Ola Of Lagos?

Ola of Lagos is in his late 20s.

Ola Of Lagos Wikipedia Profile

Ful Name Waris Olayinka Akinwande
Known as  Ola of Lagos
Occupation Social media-influenced, brand influencer,  car lover
Nationality Nigerian
Date of birth 19 June
Net worth 2 million – 5 million NGN

Career – What Does Ola Of Lagos Do For A Living?

The story of Ola of Lagos is a classic example of the popular saying “from grass to grace.” Although he was born and raised in Lagos State, Ola of Lagos started his career as a cleaner in the Lekki area of Lagos. However, he had a deep interest in cars, and working in a wealthy area like Lekki gave him the opportunity to observe how Nigeria’s elites flaunted their wealth.

If you are Nigerian, you are likely aware that residing or possessing property in Lekki, Lagos State is a status symbol that implies you have substantial wealth. Ola of Lagos worked in Lekki and had frequent exposure to the opulent and rare cars that were frequently driven by Nigeria’s affluent members.

Ola of Lagos leveraged his creativity by posting photos of the cars he saw on his social media accounts, notably Instagram. As he maintained this consistent activity, his follower count continued to increase.

Eventually, he caught the attention of Tunde Ednut, a former Nollywood actor who had become a renowned celebrity blogger. Tunde Ednut began to feature some of Ola of Lagos’s pictures and videos on his Instagram page, which turned out to be a significant break for him.

Ola Of Lagos Net worth, Biography, Age, Career, Endorsement, Wikipedia

Ola of Lagos was presented with a golden opportunity for a breakthrough when Tunde Ednut announced a giveaway for his followers. Tunde Ednut promised to give away 2 million NGN to a lucky winner if he could get 2 million followers on his Instagram account. Because of the intense competition, Tunde Ednut decided to pick the winner via a raffle draw. Ola of Lagos was fortunate enough to be selected as the winner of the raffle draw.

Winning the raffle draw was a significant turning point for Ola of Lagos, as he received the grand prize of 2 million NGN. In another stroke of luck, Davido, also known as Omo Baba Olowo, happened to be online at that time and added some excitement to the occasion by offering Ola of Lagos an all-expenses-paid trip to the Dubai car fashion show.

This opportunity proved to be a significant milestone in Ola of Lagos’s career, as it exposed him to new experiences, networks, and industry insights. He was able to further develop his passion for cars and, more importantly, his Instagram page continued to gain momentum as he shared more unique and creative content.

Ola Of Lagos Net worth, Biography, Age, Career, Endorsement, Wikipedia

Ola of Lagos Instagram Account Handle

Ola of Lagos has an engaging Instagram channel with an impressive 980k followers. His Instagram handle is filled with a diverse array of posts and videos showcasing luxurious and exotic car brands.

In addition to his creative content, Ola of Lagos uses his Instagram page as a platform to promote various car companies in Nigeria, helping to raise their profiles and awareness among his followers.

Net Worth – How much is Ola of Lagos’ Net Worth?

His net worth is estimated to be between $20,000 to $50,000 and continues to grow.

Endorsements – How many Endorsements has Ola Of Lagos Bagged?

Since gaining fame, the young and popular car spotter, Ola of Lagos, has been the recipient of multiple endorsement deals. Many celebrities and auto influencers with aspirations of reaching one million followers on Instagram have signed multimillion-naira endorsement deals with top companies, and Ola of Lagos is no exception.

Some of the companies that he has signed endorsement deals with include

  • Pramajed Security LTD
  • Mecho Autotech Ltd
  • (R.C 1698834)
  • HomeWin by SUJIMOTO
  • Giftback Africa

Birthday – When Is Ola Of Lagos’ Birthday?

Ola of Lagos celebrates his birthday every year, on June 19.

How much does Ola Of Lagos Charge Per Post on Instagram?

Based on his Instagram page, Ola of Lagos charges between $1,200 to $2,000 per post, and he reportedly receives at least five paid posts per week.


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