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Ohanaeze Chieftain Commends Southeast Residents for Resilience Amid Economic Hardship

Ohanaeze Chieftain Commends Southeast Residents for Resilience Amid Economic Hardship

Okechukwu Isiguzoro, a prominent member of the leading Igbo sociocultural group, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, expressed his appreciation on Sunday for the calmness displayed by the people of the Southeast region in refraining from joining the series of protests against President Bola Tinubu in light of the economic struggles faced nationwide.

Isiguzoro highlighted the persistent neglect suffered by the Southeast since the tenure of former President Muhammadu Buhari up until the present administration. He called on Tinubu to implement the recommendations from the 2014 Constitutional Conference as a response to the hardships confronting Nigeria.

In a statement he personally endorsed as the factional Secretary-General of Ohanaeze, Isiguzoro stated, “Amidst the nationwide uproar and agitation triggered by soaring living costs, economic distress, and famine, a remarkable calmness resonates from the Old Eastern Nigeria, encompassing the Southeast and South-South regions.”

He continued, “The striking tranquility and resolute silence amidst the prevailing anger and upheaval in the North and Southwest have left many, including the Presidency and the North, astounded.”

Isiguzoro applauded the citizens of the Old Eastern region, particularly the Southeast, for their exceptional wisdom and sagacity in refraining from spearheading protests against President Tinubu and the Federal Government during these challenging economic times.

He further noted the historical pattern of governmental neglect and discrimination experienced by the Southeast since the beginning of the Buhari regime in 2015 up to the current Tinubu administration. The injustices faced by the Southeast, such as exclusion from central policies, the destruction of Igbo properties in Lagos without federal intervention, the targeted burning of Igbo markets in the Southwest, minimal federal ministerial appointments, and the unequal treatment of figures like Nnamdi Kanu compared to others, are evident.

While protests escalate in other regions of Niger, Kano, Lagos, Osun, and Abuja, the absence of casualties or protester killings resulting from security interventions in the Southeast contrasts starkly with the painful memories of lives lost during past protests against Kanu’s detention and the tragic Obigbo (Oyibo) Massacre in Rivers State.

Ohanaeze stands in awe of the courage and uncommon insight displayed by the Southeast populace in weathering the storm. The organization expresses solidarity with all suffering Igbos and Nigerians, urging the Federal Government to revamp President Tinubu’s struggling economic team with competent professionals to salvage the crumbling economy before it collapses entirely.

Furthermore, instead of issuing empty threats to disillusioned citizens, the government should heed the voices of reason and implement the recommendations of the 2014 Constitutional Conference to quell the mounting dissent and rebellion.

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