Netizens respond to leaked audio of Mr Ibu admitting affair with Jasmine and others

Netizens respond to leaked audio of Mr Ibu admitting affair with Jasmine and others

A purported leaked audio has emerged online, allegedly featuring actor John Okafor, widely known as Mr Ibu, admitting to having a sexual relationship with his adopted daughter, Jasmine Okafor.

Last year, Mr Ibu’s wife, Stella Maris, made allegations of his involvement with Jasmine during an online outburst. Both Mr Ibu and Jasmine denied the claims at the time.

The recent leaked audio, which has gained significant attention, captures a conversation between Mr Ibu and a woman. The woman questions Mr Ibu about Jasmine using him for fame, highlighting how she publicly refers to him as “Daddy” while hiding their romantic relationship and tarnishing his reputation.

According to the woman in the audio, Jasmine had engaged in a sexual encounter with Mr Ibu in Owerri. Furthermore, she alleges that now that Mr Ibu’s health is deteriorating, Jasmine is involved with his son. Mr Ibu’s response in the audio merely confirms the woman’s claims without providing much additional information.

The leaked audio has sparked a divisive reaction among many.

One The Only Jack Wisdom wrote, “Everyone attacking Jasmine and the wife. No one is even facing Mr Ibu for not even putting his house in order in the first place. Cos in the first place Mr Ibu we all know shouldn’t be in this kinda drama

One Official Faithee wrote, “Na because the sons dey sleep with her that’s why they support her. The last time wey the wife came out to drag them

One Chidex wrote, “How can a man catch his girlfriend sleeping with his sons and yet he still trust her with his life? Men that I know once dey catch you cheating dats d end of everything

One Nkem Anthony wrote, “One person sleeps with father and son. Big abomination

One Only Xmimi wrote, “Are you surprised? Mr Ibu knack Jasmine that shouldn’t be surprising to y’all

One Coo Andre wrote, “Me I am not surprised, I know all these since even the money wey una dey contribute na her dey chop a since the gal smart wella she is using the advantage that atimes Ibu’s network go comot

One Surest wrote, “All lies I don’t believe this. You mean she dated Mr Ibu? And Mr Ibu accepted her as his daughter-in-law. Lies from the pit of hell

One Dickson Adanne wrote, “This is a big lie. Mr Ibu didn’t say anything they were putting words in his mouth. Mr Ibu is out of his mind, but she is the one looking over him

One Chidex wrote, “All dis lies because Dem deny d wife access 2 money”.

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