Netizens heartbroken as popular actor Mr. Ibu reportedly has leg amputated

Netizens heartbroken as popular actor Mr. Ibu reportedly has leg amputated

Fans, admirers, relatives, and friends of the esteemed actor John Okafor, popularly known as Mr Ibu, are going through a somber period as reports emerge of his leg being amputated.

The distressing news was shared by social media activist Very Dark Man through a widely circulated video, where he expressed his profound sadness upon learning of the unfortunate development.

Very Dark Man revealed that the actor’s own family, friends, and close associates had let him down by taking advantage of his vulnerable state and abandoning him when he needed their support.

As per his conversation with the family, they disclosed that Mr Ibu had indeed undergone the amputation of his leg.

Hello guys, as I speak to you now, they just finished amputating Mr Ibu’s leg. To be very honest this is very sad news, because of a lot of things that have been happening surrounding what led to this point that they had to cut his legs.

In summary, I will say everyone around him including his family wanted to use him. Both friends, they all took advantage of him. Them when he needed support nobody was there”.

Netizens heartbroken as popular actor Mr. Ibu reportedly has leg amputated

See reactions from heartbroken fans 

One Ehidiahmen Okojie wrote, “Shit. This is really painful, this leg finally took his career

One Royalties Preshy wrote, “It’s well

One Enny Bobo Official wrote, “Omo!! Chai, Kai. This country suppose have health insurance now!! It would have prevented this since the beginning of the sickness

One Simeon Delight wrote, “So they finally cut the leg. God this is so sad. I wish him and his family all the strength they need to go through this phase of life

One Teeto Olayeni wrote, “It’s Soo sad but honestly it’s better than him losing his life. The sickness must have been there for a long time and wasn’t properly taken care of

One Kennedy Excel wrote, “Chai sorry thank God you’re still alive sir he can still use prosthetic cover leg to walk again

One Bala wrote, “Please pray for Me Ibu this is not the time to talk about move or family. Pray and support whichever you can.

One Skesh Makanaki wrote, “Upon all the NSPPD prayer

One Jully Mk wrote, “It’s sad news but if that’s what should be done in other to save his life that’s better

One Flawless Gold wrote, “The family is greedy. Why them no fly this out of the country. Upon all the money Nigerians contributed. Them just dey do try and luck, now them don amputate the leg”.

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