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Nasarawa State Flooded with Fake Drugs – Governor Sule

Nasarawa State Flooded with Fake Drugs - Governor Sule

Nasarawa State Governor, Abdullahi Sule, has expressed deep concerns regarding the widespread presence of counterfeit drugs in the state. The governor attributed this troubling situation to the prevailing economic hardships faced by residents.

During a recent event in Obi where rice and cash were distributed to vulnerable Nigerians, Governor Sule addressed the public and highlighted the challenges posed by fake drugs in the state. To combat this issue, the government has allocated ₦250 million to procure genuine medications, which will be made available at subsidized rates in state-owned pharmacies and hospitals.

Governor Sule stated, “Due to the hardships faced by our residents, there is a significant influx of counterfeit drugs in the pharmacies within the state. To address this, we have taken the initiative to provide ₦250 million to one of our medical agencies for the purchase of authentic drugs. These medicines will be sold at subsidised prices in our hospitals, ensuring access for the people.”

In addition, Governor Sule announced a support fund of ₦500 million for the Nasarawa State Social Investment Agency (NSSIA) to enhance healthcare provision and ensure that residents have access to quality medical services.

“We recognise the need for substantial interventions in healthcare, which is why we are approving ₦500 million to the NSSIA to support the people in achieving better healthcare,” Governor Sule explained.

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