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NARTO Puts Nationwide Strike on Hold

NARTO Puts Nationwide Strike on Hold

The Nigerian Association of Road Transport Owners (NARTO) has decided to suspend its planned nationwide strike following a meeting with the Federal Government and other stakeholders on Monday. The association had previously issued a strike notice in response to the challenging economic conditions faced by tanker drivers.

NARTO’s members, who play a crucial role in transporting petroleum products across Nigeria, expressed their grievances over the soaring cost of automotive gas oil (diesel), which is indispensable for fueling their trucks. The exorbitant price of diesel, which reached N1,226.69 per litre last week, has significantly impacted their operating costs and financial stability.

In light of these concerns, NARTO had threatened a countrywide shutdown starting on Monday. However, after engaging in discussions with the Federal Government and relevant stakeholders, the association has decided to temporarily suspend the strike action.

The meeting aimed to address the pressing issues faced by NARTO’s members and find viable solutions to alleviate their financial burdens. The Federal Government and stakeholders have assured NARTO of their commitment to working towards resolving the challenges faced by the association and the wider transportation sector.

The suspension of the planned strike provides a window for further negotiations and dialogue between NARTO, the government, and other concerned parties. It is hoped that these discussions will lead to concrete actions and measures that address the concerns raised by NARTO’s members and contribute to a more sustainable and supportive environment for the road transport industry in Nigeria.

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