Mohbad’s Wife, Omawunmi, Opens Up About His Difficulties with Naira Marley – Leaving Marlian Records, Financial Struggles, Threats, and Living in Fear Until His Death

Mohbad's Wife, Omawunmi, Opens Up About His Difficulties with Naira Marley - Leaving Marlian Records, Financial Struggles, Threats, and Living in Fear Until His Death

Omawunmi, the widow of the late aspiring singer, Ileriouluwa Oladimeji Aloba, popularly known as Mohbad, continues to share her husband’s struggles with his former label boss, Naira Marley.


During the Coroner’s Inquest, she disclosed that she had no knowledge of Naira Marley until Mohbad started mentioning him and he gained popularity. She claimed that she advised him against signing with Naira Marley and suggested collaborating on a song instead, but he refused.

According to her, things took a turn for the worse when he expressed his desire to leave the label and requested a change in manager from Naira Marley’s cousin, Tunde, to someone else, but the label denied the request.

She revealed that he began receiving threats from them, and when he finally left the label in 2022, he faced instability. Omawunmi stated that he had no money in his account and struggled to restart his career. They relied on the support of their colleague, Bella Shmurda, who provided them with food for three months.

The mother of one also mentioned how the late singer tried reaching out to other artists, but only Bella and Olamide responded.

One day he told me that Naira Marley sent him a message on Instagram to come see him. I advised him to only feature Naira Marley on one song, and not sign a record deal with him but Mohbad said signing would help his career,” Wunmi testified..

Mohbad wanted to change his manager because he felt he wasn’t making progress, but Naira Marley insisted on choosing the manager.

He started receiving different thr£ats from his oppre§§or and by 2022, when he left the label, he wasn’t stable again. He left with zero accounts. He didn’t have anything to start again and he started struggling to survive. Bella Shmurda fed us for three months when the issue happened as things were hard,” Wunmi said.Wunmi said.

These revelations contradict the claims made by a Nigerian man who confronted Naira Marley at an event, challenging him over a video showing Sam Larry bullying the late singer.

According to the man, Naira Marley denied any involvement, stating that Sam Larry and Mohbad were close friends, and Mohbad’s wife was aware of his activities and had control over him.

The man claimed that Naira stated he never met Mohbad after he left the label and had never sent any death threats, which Omawunmi, Mohbad’s wife, can confirm.

He also added that Wunmi has a lot to answer for regarding his death, and that Mohbad’s deceased father is powerless.

During the Coroner’s Inquest, Omawumi also revealed that her husband experienced discomfort after receiving an injection administered by a nurse, which caused him to vomit.

In her testimony, Omawumi also mentioned a previous altercation between Mohbad and his friend, Prime Boy, which played a role in the events leading up to his passing. She disclosed that Mohbad had suffered a minor injury during a fight with Prime Boy in Ikorodu on Sunday, September 10, 2023.

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