Mohbad’s mother shares his fears and recalls their last encounter, explaining why she kept their relationship hidden

Mohbad's mother shares his fears and recalls their last encounter, explaining why she kept their relationship hidden

In a recent interview with TVC, the mother of the late talented singer, Mohbad, has opened up about her son’s fears prior to his untimely passing.

Despite reports suggesting a strained relationship, Mohbad’s mother revealed that he had purchased a new house for her in Ikorodu, which he frequently visited. He also bought her a shop, provided funds for freezers and a generator, and had plans to gift her N5 million before his tragic demise.

Due to concerns for her safety, Mohbad had urged his mother not to disclose their relationship to others, fearing potential kidnapping or harm.

Sharing her own anxieties, she expressed reservations about returning to her Ikorodu home and mentioned her intentions to rent out the shop.

Regarding Mohbad’s life, she disclosed that he lived in constant fear and was unable to fully enjoy his own success. Despite reporting incidents to the police on two occasions, no action was taken.

Two days prior to his death, Mohbad had pleaded with his mother to stay with him, but she declined in order to attend a church service that she had missed for two weeks.

Mohbad’s mother ;

I don’t tell people I’m Mohbad’s mother, because he was scared I might get kidn@pped or k#lled. I’ve used just five months in the new house he rented for me, he even visited me 3 times. He took me out of where I was living before to Ikorodu, he said he wanted to be visiting me from time to time.

He just rented a huge shop (3 shops) for me, I’m yet to open it, he gave me money that I used to buy 2 big freezers and a big generator. The day he di£d, he promised to send N5 million so I could buy goods to stock up…

His wife said she’ll come and meet me, that I should get someone that will support me because we cannot buy the goods at once, and that it will take us 3 days to buy all the goods.

But now I’m scared, I can’t go back to Ikorodu, I called someone to help me rent the shop out and give me the money. My son did not enjoy himself, he lived in fear. He did not enjoy himself.

Whenever I visit him here, he sits right there and I’ll sit with him, then take him upstairs to sleep but he’ll be shaking his head. I even thought all those problems and att@cks had stopped, but when they b£at him again recently after he dropped his EP, I said these people haven’t left you, and he always goes to the police station to report, because I witnessed it twice .

I spent 10 days with him, I did not know he was going to di£, I left on Saturday and he di£d on Monday. And the reason I left on Saturday was because he had a show, he begged, begged, and begged me not to leave. So I told him that wouldn’t he allow me to go to church on Sunday, that I’ve missed church for two weeks and I needed to go and pray because I’m losing myself. It was the church that I mentioned that made him let me go.

Because he and his wife were pranking me, I told him that I was going but because he didn’t want me to go, he delayed giving me my feeding money because he knew I’ll leave if he gives me the money. Normally, he gives me feeding allowance every month”.

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