Mohbad: Chief of Police Establishes Special Investigation Team

Mohbad: Chief of Police Establishes Special Investigation Team

Mr. Idowu Owohunwa, the Police Commissioner of the Lagos State Command, initiated a specialInvestigation Launched by House of Representatives into N2.3 Trillion Education Tax Fund of TETFUND investigative team on Monday to uncover the circumstances surrounding the death of the popular R&B singer, Ilerioluwa Aloba, known as Mohbad.

The inauguration of the 19-member team, consisting of seasoned detectives from the homicide section of the State, took place at the command’s main hall in Ikeja.

This move comes after the command’s announcement on Saturday about the formation of the team, which was deemed necessary due to public concerns and a preliminary police review of the circumstances surrounding the singer’s death.

The team, led by Mr. Saheed Kassim, an Assistant Commissioner of Police, consists of members from various units within the homicide department, including legal and forensic experts. Their mandate includes tasks such as exhuming the singer’s body, conducting autopsy, toxicology, and histology tests, visiting the scene, and assessing hospital/medical reports and records of suspects and witnesses’ statements.

Police Commissioner Owohunwa emphasized the importance of a professional, diligent, and timely investigation to establish facts, clear doubts, and ensure that justice is served through meticulous protocols, which may include exhumation.

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