Mitski – I Don’t Like My Mind (Lyrics)

Mitski - I Don't Like My Mind (Lyrics)

Mitski – I Don’t Like My Mind Lyrics 

Mitski explores inner turmoil with “I Don’t Like My Mind Lyrics.

In this introspective track, Mitski’s honest lyrics and haunting vocals come together to convey a profound message about inner struggles and the battle with one’s own thoughts, resonating deeply with listeners.

The production of “I Don’t Like My Mind Lyrics” is a testament to the producer’s artistry, crafting a hauntingly evocative sonic landscape that perfectly complements Mitski’s introspective performance.

This song is a must-add to your music collection, especially if you appreciate music that delves into the complexities of the human psyche. Mitski’sI Don’t Like My Mind Lyrics” showcases her ability to convey deep emotions and inner conflicts through her art, leaving a lasting impression and inviting listeners to contemplate their own introspective journey. 

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Verse 1
I don’t like my mind, I don’t like being left alone in a room
With all its opinions about the things that I’ve done
So, yeah, I blast music loud, and I work myself to the bone
And on an inconvenient Christmas, I eat a cake

A whole cake, all for me
Ooh, oh-oh 

Verse 2
And then I get sick and throw up and there’s another memory that gets stuck
Inside the walls of my skull waiting for its turn to talk
And it may be a few years, but you can bet it’s there, waiting still
For me to be left alone in a room full of things that I’ve done

A whole cake, so please don’t take
Take this job from me
A whole cake, so please don’t take
Take my job from me

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