Man Issues Warning to Actress Bose Aregbesola, Seeking Assistance from Those Familiar with Her

Man Issues Warning to Actress Bose Aregbesola, Seeking Assistance from Those Familiar with Her

A devoted fan of popular actress Bose Aregbesola has taken to social media to express his dissatisfaction with one of her movies. In a video shared on her Instagram page, the man made a plea for anyone who is acquainted with the actress to give her a stern warning on his behalf.

The man explained that he refrained from discussing his disappointment openly, as he anticipated receiving backlash for criticizing a celebrity. However, he felt compelled to address the issue, expressing his confusion as to why Bose Aregbesola would conclude her latest film, Game Master, without a proper concluding part.

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His message appeared to be lighthearted in nature, suggesting that he may have been playfully teasing the actress. Nonetheless, he used the opportunity to call out the missing conclusion in her movie, expressing his desire for a resolution to the storyline.

By reaching out to anyone connected to Bose Aregbesola, the fan hoped to convey his concerns and bring attention to the matter, emphasizing his admiration for the actress and his wish for a satisfactory ending to the film.

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Please anybody who knows Bose Aregbesola should help me warn her because if someone starts to talk, people would say I am insulting celebrities. If you hear what she did….. I don’t understand celebrities anymore. If I tell you what she did, you would question what else can be done to her. Is it because people know you, and you think you can use wealth to slap me?

I don’t understand why she would end the film, Game Master like that, it should have part 5″.

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