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Man Arrested by Police in Lokoja for Making False Claims of Missing Manhood

Man Arrested by Police in Lokoja for Making False Claims of Missing Manhood

A man named Isiaka Abdulsamad in Lokoja, Kogi State, has been reported to the police for making a false claim about the disappearance of his manhood.

This comes as incidents of ‘missing manhood’ have been circulating in various parts of the country recently, resulting in individuals being accused of genital theft, sometimes leading to violent confrontations.

Security personnel from Kogi State Polytechnic, Lokoja, apprehended Abdulsamad and handed him over to the police after he falsely accused a staff member of the institution of stealing his manhood.

The incident was disclosed in a statement issued on Thursday by the Head of the Public Relations and Protocol Unit of the Polytechnic, Mrs Uredo Omale.

According to the statement, Abdulsamad accused an unidentified staff member of the Polytechnic of stealing his manhood after completing his Post-UTME examination at the institution’s main campus on Wednesday, 20th September, 2023.

The statement provided further details, stating, “During the examination, he requested assistance from one of the invigilators, a staff member of Kogi State Polytechnic, to help him with the log-in details for the examination. However, after completing the examination, he returned to the hall and falsely claimed that his manhood was missing, accusing the invigilator who had earlier assisted him.”

The Polytechnic’s management subsequently directed its security unit to refer the case to the police for a thorough investigation.

The preliminary investigation conducted by the police, along with further medical examinations conducted at the Police Clinic, revealed that Mr. Isiaka Abdulsamad did not have any issues with his manhood. This confirmed that he had fabricated the story in an attempt to draw attention to the ongoing trend of manhood theft stories.

Furthermore, Kogi State Polytechnic’s management advised the public to disregard any rumours of a candidate’s manhood being stolen on the institution’s campus. They also urged individuals to refrain from making false allegations about missing genital organs against innocent individuals.

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